We want the best experience for our friends and we encourage everyone to follow our safety tips below.


It can get pretty hot in LA and non-stop dancing in the sun can lead to dehydration and overheating. Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. We have made free water available at various locations throughout the event. Head on over to one of the concession stands to replenish electrolytes with sports drinks.


It’s easy to get separated at festivals. Know where you friends are, set up meeting points and stick together. If you think a friend needs help, ask our friendly staff to assist, and always leave the show with everyone in your crew.


Avoid the burn of harsh UVA & UVB rays by slathering on that SPF. It’s best to apply before hitting the grounds, but you can bring non-aerosol sunscreen with you for repeated application throughout the day. It’s always a good idea to take frequent breaks from dancing and sun exposure. Stay cool!


All My Friends Music Festival can be enjoyed without the use of any alcohol or illegal drugs. Alcohol will only be available to those 21+. Be smart about your alcohol consumption and keep in mind, alcohol will not hydrate you. Remember to also drink water & eat food. Do not drink or use drugs and drive. Please exercise caution when getting behind the wheel.


Help out fellow friends, whether old or new, if they are in need of assistance. Contact security or a staff member if you see someone showing any signs of trouble which may include: headaches, nausea,
confusion, blurred vision, inability to talk, racing heartbeat, vomiting, muscle tremors, convulsions,
discolored lips or nail-beds, shallow breathing. Friends don’t leave friends. If someone is feeling unwell or expressed they feel sick, do not leave them alone. If you suspect someone is unwell from a drug-related issue, seek immediate medical attention.


All My Friends Music Festival enforces a zero-tolerance drug policy. This includes all marijuana, even medicinal. You definitely don’t want to be escorted out of the venue early & miss the rest of the fest.
If you think someone is suffering from a medical issue or potential drug overdose, seek immediate attention at one of the clearly marked medical stations, or find a staff member. Remember, medical and our staff are your friends we are there to help you. You won’t be punished for seeking medical attention we are All My Friends.


Medical personnel will be on site in the clearly marked medical stations. They can be accessed
throughout the festival whether you need to cool down or could use some band aids, aspirin or ear
plugs. Medical is your friend.