Items Policy


Few things are necessary to enjoy All My Friends Music Festival, but there are a couple items that you shouldn’t leave home without. When in doubt, please take a moment to reference our guide to the acceptable and prohibited items below including everything you can and cannot bring past the front gates.

If at any time an acceptable item is deemed harmful to the other patrons it may be confiscated and retrieved after the event.


  • NO Glass of any kind
  • NO Weapons of any kind (Regardless of permit)
  • NO Paint of any kind (Including paint markers and spray paint)
  • NO Fireworks
  • NO Illegal substances
  • NO Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • NO Large chains
  • NO Laser pointers
  • NO Flags or totems with metal or wood pieces
  • NO Large umbrellas
  • NO Unsealed tampons
  • NO Stuffed animals/dolls
  • NO Pacifiers
  • NO Unsealed over-the-counter medications/vitamins (Prescription drugs in non-approved containers must be turned over to medical)
  • NO Vending without permit
  • NO Bicycles, scooters, go carts or ATVs
  • NO Pets (Unless service animal with proper paperwork)
  • NO Coolers
  • NO Outside food or drink (1 factory sealed water bottle is okay)
  • NO Open containers
  • NO Bags larger than 12’’ X 12’’
  • NO Multi-pocket backpacks
  • NO Bota bags
  • NO Hydration packs with more than two (2) main compartments and one (1) smaller compartment (Must be empty upon entry)
  • NO Luggage
  • NO Push carts
  • NO Sports equipment (Including frisbees)
  • NO Tents or camping gear
  • NO Soap, shampoo, conditioner or other detergents
  • NO Flammable products
  • NO Aerosol cans (Including deodorant and perfume)
  • NO Camera tripods
  • NO Projectiles or explosives
  • NO Knives or sharp objects
  • NO Open fires
  • NO Water guns or misters
  • NO Chairs
  • NO Flyers, stickers, posters
  • NO Hammocks
  • NO Grills of any kind (Including propane and charcoal)
  • NO Generators
  • NO Gas masks or tactical gear
  • NO Chinese lanterns
  • NO Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the patrons.


  • OK Small Bags, Single Compartment Backpacks, and Purses (Maximum 12 x 12 in.).
  • OK Fanny Packs.
  • OK Reusable Water Bottles (Arrive empty).
  • OK Hydration Packs and Camelbaks (non multi-pocket, arrive empty).
  • OK Clear Plastic Water Bottles (Limit one per person, arrive empty).
  • OK Handheld Camera Devices (GoPro, Sony Action Cam, HTC Re Camera, etc. Must be 6in. size or less.)
  • OK Selfie Sticks.
  • OK Mobile Phones.
  • OK Portable Battery Chargers.
  • OK Earplugs.
  • OK Sunglasses.
  • OK Hats.
  • OK Ponchos.
  • OK Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Sealed Chapstick.
  • OK Sealed Packs of Gum.
  • OK Sealed Tampons.
  • OK Dry Makeup (NO liquid makeup).
  • OK Sealed Sunscreen (Trial size, non-aerosol).
  • OK Sealed Deodorant (Trial size, non-aerosol).
  • OK Sealed Packs of Cigarettes.
  • OK E-Cigarettes and Vapes.
  • OK Plastic Tarps and Blankets.
  • OK Flags, Decorated Pool Noodles, and Totems that DO NOT contain metal pieces, sharpened elements, or are capable of being pounded into the ground or hurting others. Totem Guidelines: Maximum height 10 feet, made from a lightweight material (foam, PVC, etc.). Poles must be no thicker than one inch in diameter and cannot contain solid metal pieces. Decorated pool noodles recommended. Any item deemed dangerous, promoting illegal activity, or hate speech will not be permitted. Totems are subject to inspection.