Monte Booker

Chicago producerMonteBookeris 22. He recently referred to some of his formative influences, likethe NeptunesandKanye West, as “the old hip-hop scene.” He considersFlying Lotusa genre unto himself.Bookeris a late millennial making music for a new millennium. His sounds are bespoke, and his beats don’t smack as much as they pleasingly tumble forth, like tennis balls in a dryer. He puts his generation’s restless energy to work by zapping small clicks and shots of static in and out of his productions. He makes hip-hop and R&B that pings between FlyLo’s bulging maximalism and the charming exactitude of found-sound eccentricsMatmos. Along with his like-minded Zero Fatigue crew—including rapperSmino, Jay2, Bari,and singerRavyn Lenae—Bookeris creating music with a sense of history that could only exist right now.

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